Patrick Henry is the director of Liberty or Death Communications. He is also a former Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and long time industry veteran.

Ryan Sauers has spent nearly 30 years running or consulting with printing, promo, and visual communications-related organizations. He is the CEO of two companies: Sauers Consulting Strategies LLC and End Resultz Inc. His key areas of focus include sales training, marketing strategy, personal branding, leadership development, and organizational change. Visit him at

From working alongside leading brands to promote their festive offers and top products to the consumer through eye-catching graphics, to producing signage for the hugely popular Black Friday shopping day, seasonal graphics come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” (IIJA) represents the largest federal investment in infrastructure in over a decade. The IIJA represents a historic achievement and investment in our country’s infrastructure that will enhance commerce, manufacturing, and lives of individuals overall.

With many new markets opening up for wide-format digital printing, the possibilities seem endless. Yet printing capability only gets you so far. To be successful, you need a good product. And for that, you need a good designer.

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