Patrick Henry is the director of Liberty or Death Communications. He is also a former Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and long time industry veteran.

Ryan Sauers has spent nearly 30 years running or consulting with printing, promo, and visual communications-related organizations. He is the CEO of two companies: Sauers Consulting Strategies LLC and End Resultz Inc. His key areas of focus include sales training, marketing strategy, personal branding, leadership development, and organizational change. Visit him at

How do new ideas get implemented in your company? Is there a repeatable process? Avoid failure to launch by developing a process that works for your team in making things happen.

In the graphic installation community, car, boat and motorcycle wraps have always been considered the “sexy" side of the industry. And who can deny it? But for me, as a business owner, profits and shareholder distributions are two things that are very sexy to me.

Phil Webster, Head of Industrial Sales for EMEA at Drytac, explains how the manufacturer’s flexible approach to developing custom solutions for clients can help solve problems across a wide range of markets and industries.

While it's easy to think of the retail segment as monolithic — a bunch of stores and shops with more or less the same needs and expectations, the reality of the retail space is much more nuanced than that.

If a design staff is new to your print shop, you will need to create an environment within your company that supports good, creative work. That might look different than what you're used to, but fostering a creative environment can benefit a company that reaches far beyond the walls of the design studio.

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