Ryan Sauers has spent nearly 30 years running or consulting with printing, promo, and visual communications-related organizations. He is the CEO of two companies: Sauers Consulting Strategies LLC and End Resultz Inc. His key areas of focus include sales training, marketing strategy, personal branding, leadership development, and organizational change. Visit him at

When the Apparelist team first met Jed Seifert, they thought he had a neat story, one they would like to share. But after getting to know Jed, his business partner Vince Bartozzi, general manager Christopher Marinin, Jed’s brother Darren, and all the welcoming employees at Stakes, they realized they wanted to do more than share the story. They wanted to help Jed propel his goal further: to get other printing shops across the country to implement disability programs and realize the benefits of working with this group of individuals.

In response to the plight of the Ukrainian people during the Russian invasion, Rule29 Creative was eager to help. Thanks to the speed and flexibility of digital printing, the company was able to raise funds through the creation of an inspiring limited-edition print in a fraction of the time.

Robert Arnold, president, Associated Posters, sat down to talk with Denise Gustavson, editorial director of NAPCO Media, and editor-in-chief of Wide-format Impressions, about the challenges his business has faced over the past few years, and how installing Lift ERP from Durst has allowed him to transform and "future proof" his company.

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