Eileen Fritsch

Eileen Fritsch

Eileen Fritsch is a Cincinnati-based freelance journalist who has covered the evolution of wide-format digital printing for more than 20 years. Contact her at eileen@eileenfritsch.com.

The Art of Museum Exhibit Design

Thanks to experts in interpretive design, museums have become centers of multimedia, experiential learning.

Achieving Innovation in Large-Format

Earlier this spring, Ferrari Color was acquired by Signs.com, a fast-growing online seller of wide-format graphics. The news attracted attention, in part because Ferrari Color was such a well-known pioneer in the business. 

Fabric Art for Entertainment Venues

Companies that produce short run fabrics are now well equipped to digitally print soft signage for a broad spectrum of clients.

Expo's Greatest Splendor

While inexpensive, portable displays are still popular with small businesses and organizations that rent 10×10-ft. spaces.

It’s a Great Big World

Travel and tourism bureaus use out-of-home advertising as part of holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

A Peek into Retail Store Window Design Trends

Retail storefront windows serve different purposes. The mix of graphics used depends on the store type, building architecture and retailer’s marketing objectives.