Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

Katie Cole: Part of the Team

Katie Cole has built a life — and career in print — she loves. And she wants to help others along the same journey.

FUJIFILM Has a Clear Strategy for the Future

FUJIFILM has a “very clear strategy,” said David Burton, its marketing director. Everything is developed around proving the ROI, ensuring print quality, and working for the customer.

Preparing for a Wide-format Future

While purchasing new equipment is certainly exciting, with the visions of all the new applications it will open up for your shop, you can’t simply “buy it and they will come.” Planning for the future and how to expand the business is critical for ensuring long-term success.

Unusual Wide-format Applications to Spark Your Creative Juices

It’s easy to get stuck in the signage rut when printing wide-format graphics, but there are some print service providers out there doing some truly eye-catching and unusual things with the same equipment you can see on the show floor today.

Opportunities in Wide-Format Printing

When it comes to wide-format printing equipment, signs and banners might be the most obvious application. Here is a look at four potential verticals that could prove to be lucrative for anyone looking to expand their wide-format business.

A Look at the Wide-Format Supply Chain

It’s not news that supply chain challenges have impacted every part of the printing industry. As we close out another year marked with pandemics, politics, and business challenges, what will 2023 have to offer on the supply chain front?

Expanding the PRINTING United Experience

While the Expo floor is certainly a major draw for attendees at this year’s PRINTING United event, it’s not the only event taking place. Earlier this week, several companies took advantage of PRINTING United UX to host their own branded company events at the convention center.