Ken Burns

Ken Burns

Ken Burns is the President/CEO of Axis Graphic Installations Inc. He is a native of Boston, MA and studied Business Management in the mid 90’s. He has consulted, developed and managed multiple Fortune 500 companies. In 2006, he approached his friend (who was a 10-year veteran graphic installer at the time) and asked him to teach him the art of installing vehicle wraps. Ken saw the value in this niche industry and had the idea of bringing his knowledge of large corporate structure to a newer industry that was mostly comprised of independent subcontractors. He started his first Axis team in South Florida in 2009 and has since developed teams in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Beyond vehicle wraps, Ken and his teams have become proficient in all types of sign and graphic installations.

Are Architectural Films the New Sexy?

In the graphic installation community, car, boat and motorcycle wraps have always been considered the “sexy" side of the industry. And who can deny it? But for me, as a business owner, profits and shareholder distributions are two things that are very sexy to me.

Education and the Installation Trade

Three trades comprise the industry: graphic design, printing, and installation. Graphic design and printing have been available in educational institutions. But if you take a design of stunning quality, produced by a printer, and hand it off to an unqualified installer, the end product will be less than desirable.