Dan Marx

Dan Marx

Dan Marx, Senior Editor of the Impressions Group, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders.

Mayo Clinic Benefits from Wide-Format Applications

According to Michael Semling, business development manager for Mayo Clinic, the company’s in-plant printing operation makes extensive use of wide-format printing. He says there are multiple purposes for these applications: some decorative, some to convey information. For patients and their loved ones, messaging focuses on highlighting healing and helping them feel at ease.

Five Questions for Epson’s Mark Mathews

“Epson has a long and successful history in inkjet. Throughout the company’s existence, its focus has been on making products that are efficient, compact, and precise."

Epson Opens New Headquarters, Executive Briefing Center

After After 25 years in Torrance, California, and 20 years in Long Beach, California, Epson has acquired and renovated a new space in Los Alamitos, California. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held earlier this week to celebrate the new location.

Premiumization and the Perception of Value

As a trend that aims to make brands or products have greater appeal to customers by highlighting either superior quality or exclusivity (or both), premiumization is an opportunity that points, in some cases, strongly and directly toward the printing industry.

Phase 3's Ken Holsclaw on TMG Acquisition, Industry Trends

Ken Holsclaw, co-founder and president of Phase 3 Marketing and Communications, talks about the company's recent acquisition of Technology Media Group (TMG), shares how the acquisition will increase Phase 3's offerings, and provides insight into the company's path forward.

How In-Person Retail is Changing

Shoppers have been streaming back into stores, even amid inflation and economic uncertainty. In the graphics and sign segment, where many companies serve, in big and small ways, the visual needs of retail spaces' overall retail contraction means more competition for less work.

Retail Signage: General Versus Luxury

While it's easy to think of the retail segment as monolithic — a bunch of stores and shops with more or less the same needs and expectations, the reality of the retail space is much more nuanced than that.

Specialization Versus Generalization

The idea of print providers setting themselves up to be “one stop shops” for their customers is not new. That approach, taken to its extreme, is one of the endpoints of a spectrum that starts with specialization and ends with generalization.