Dan Marx

Dan Marx

Dan Marx, Senior Editor of the Impressions Group, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders.

Shad Interligi on Installation Business Transformation

Shad Interligi, owner of graphic installation business Real Hit Media, discusses the recent transformation of his businesses, the factors driving new opportunities in the installation space, and a mindset that fosters flexibility and growth.

Answering Your Own Questions

A discussion of essential, business-defining questions business owners and managers must ask to really understand their companies.

New Flatbed Right Fit for UT Austin

A small footprint was essential – that’s one thing Richard Beto knew when he added a flatbed to The University of Texas at Austin.

The Opportunity of Applications

While the reality of specific types of applications being used in multiple ways has existed for a long time, technology may be increasi

Video: Michael Duggal on Wide-Format and Business Today

Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions (Brooklyn, New York) one of the top-performing wide-format businesses according the the WFI 100 list, discusses his company's approach to services, technology and the traits that make it strong.