Dan Marx, Content Director for Wide-Format Impressions, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his more than three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders.

Jerry Hill is the Vice President; New Business Development at Drytac.

When it comes to communicating delivery details with a customer, don’t make the mistakes Bill Farquharson’s dentist made.

One thing a day is all it takes to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Don’t wait your entire career to learn the lesson in Bill’s blog.

People support what they help create. When building initiatives to reenergize your team, it’s best to include members in the process.

Not far from my home, behind a 7-11, an Amazon package pickup locker has been in place for the last couple of years. Though I’ve noticed it before – branded in an orangey-yellow with an Amazon logo – I’ve not paid it much mind. Until the other day.

As a trend that aims to make brands or products have greater appeal to customers by highlighting either superior quality or exclusivity (or both), premiumization is an opportunity that points, in some cases, strongly and directly toward the printing industry.

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