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Ashley Roberts is the Managing Editor of the Printing & Packaging Group.

Denise Gustavson is the Editorial Director and Special Projects Editor for the Printing & Packaging Group, which includes Printing Impressions, packagePRINTING, In-plant Graphics and Wide-Format Impressions magazines, among other brands. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Wide-Format Impressions.

The best way to stay informed regarding vaccinations in your state is through the website links provided. The majority of the state vaccination sites are requiring the use of appointments. It is recommended that you carefully answer all unknown numbers as this may be your appointment confirmation.

The Top 25 Hot Markets for Printing in 2020 marks the 40th year of this exclusive overview by Vincent Mallardi. Originally published by our sister publication, Printing Impressions, this proprietary forecast is an analysis of the historical and projected patterns among principal purchasers of printing in the U.S. and Canada and covers the 25 industries and sectors that are forecasted to spend the most on printing in 2020.

The Wide-format Impressions 100 Rankings provides a list of the leading printing companies in the United States and Canada producing wide-format signs and graphics, as ranked by annual sales volume.

Travel and tourism bureaus use out-of-home advertising as part of holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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