Denise Gustavson is the Editorial Director and Special Projects Editor for the Printing & Packaging Group, which includes Printing Impressions, packagePRINTING, In-plant Graphics and Wide-Format Impressions magazines, among other brands. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Wide-Format Impressions.

Jennifer Wilberschied is the senior editor for the Printing, Packaging and Publishing Group.

When Eric Nazim started out as print manager for the City of Oklahoma City, his goal was to grow the in-plant. But as he started making plans to expand into the wide-format market, the pandemic prolonged the process.

To remain on top, graphics producers must stay up to date with printing technologies and the systems that drive them. In many cases, this is best achieved through strong partnerships with – and input from – equipment manufacturers.

As we close out 2021 and look ahead to 2022, it’s time to take a moment to recognize the leaders of tomorrow — the Rising Stars of the wide-format and signage industry that will shape the direction of this industry for years to come.

Life is about experience: gaining it and then using it to reach the next level. Rising Star Shelbi Macfarlane, VP, sales, and marketing at ProGraphix, brought great experience to the company when she joined its team earlier this year.

Preston Jordan will say he fell into printing, but he has been in the graphics industry his entire life. Growing up, his dad was a silk screener, and he even joked that as a kid he’d use lacquer thinner as a hand soap.

Brittany Jacob is anything but conventional. Jacob is the sewing and mascot production manager at Olympus Group, and as her job title alludes to, they provide promotional and branding support through mascot services. It is via the mascot avenue that Jacob got her start in the wide-format printing world.

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