Shaun Holdom

Shaun Holdom is the global product manager for Drytac.

From working alongside leading brands to promote their festive offers and top products to the consumer through eye-catching graphics, to producing signage for the hugely popular Black Friday shopping day, seasonal graphics come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Drytac has increased its ReTac range with a new gloss finish on ReTac Smooth 75 and ReTac Smooth 150, giving users a high-shine alternative to the established Matte product.

Drytac announced the global availability of its its SpotOn White M50 window graphic media for vibrant, eye-catching displays, which offers 50% more opacity than standard SpotOn White products.

Drytac announced that a new ReTac Textures finish is now available globally. ReTac Textures Woodgrain has been designed to add depth and texture to static, flat graphics, giving them incredible visual appeal.

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