This webinar will review what to look for in digital printing equipment, including the differences and benefits of in-line and offline sublimation processes, and show you why in-line fixation can be a soft signage game changer. We’ll review sewing systems with automated features for experienced and non-experienced sewing operators that will help you confidently add fabric soft signage finishing to your workflow.

Print shop owners are preparing for what could be a rocky 2023. After nearly three years of dealing with pandemic-induced pressures, business owners are bracing for more tough times to come with economic instability and labor-related concerns among the top of their list of threatening issues. We’ll provide an overview of current and expected business conditions in the wide-format market.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the reasons why soft signage is on the rise and what is driving print service providers to invest in equipment that can help them maximize these opportunities. This webinar will review the latest soft signage production technology, including direct print and transfer paper production, and why in-line fixation is a soft signage game changer.

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