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Candice Simons is the CEO and Founder of Brooklyn Outdoor, a regional and national force in the outdoor advertising industry, with satellite offices and full-time sales representatives in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles. Brooklyn Outdoor is the only major outdoor advertising firm headquartered in Detroit. Simons was recently named one of Crain’s Detroit Business’ “40 under 40” and is the founder of Detroit lifestyle blog, “j’adore Detroit.”

In her editorial, Wide-format Impressions Editor-in-Chief Denise Gustavson talks about the entertainment industry — and all the opportunities summer weather provides for wide-format print providers.

For commercial and direct marketing printers, especially those engaged in any type of mailing, data management isn’t just a trendy phrase — it can mean the difference between success and failure. As such, you also need to have a comprehensive data security plan.

Expanding into wide-format offerings is exciting on many fronts. It’s also challenging and complex, and it requires creating a smart manufacturing layout to produce the printed items profitably.

Mounting adhesives, sometimes referred to as double-sided adhesives or double-sided mount film, were used extensively in the early days of digital imaging, but their use has waned as the availability of specialty adhesive-backed media has increased.

When you hear the term “vehicle wrap” the first thing that probably comes to mind is a car or truck, perhaps a fleet van. But the world of transportation is quite a bit larger, with shops that think outside of a car-shaped box opening themselves up for a great deal of very profitable opportunities.

To illustrate how key wide-format print finishing technologies are being used by companies to differentiate, provide a value-add, and access higher-margin work, representatives of three finishing system manufacturers provided their insight.

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