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Karis Copp is a U.K.-based journalist and communications specialist. With a background as a writer and editor in the print industry, she writes about print and technology news and trends, reports on industry events, and works with businesses to help them tell their stories and connect with their customers. Follow her on Twitter @KarisCoppMedia.

Ray assists association members with information on digital printing as well as digital equipment, materials, and vendor referrals. He oversees training and certification workshops at PRINTING United Alliance. Ray is project manager for both the PDAA Certification program and the PRINTING United Alliance Digital Color Professional Certification program and is an instructor for the Color Management Boot Camps as well as a G7 expert. Ray regularly contributes to the Association's Journal and won the 2016 Swormstedt Award for Best in Class writing in the Digital Printing category. Ray was inducted into the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT) in 2020. He also works with SkillsUSA to conduct the National Competition for Graphics Imaging Sublimation. Outside of work, Ray enjoys biking, international cuisine and spending time with his three fantastic grandkids.

Technology has changed and evolved, so what applications are still a good fit for solvent printing? Canvas reproductions, vehicle wraps, and stickers/decals are the top choices, “because of the high quality and color reproducibility that solvent printers can accomplish with a low total cost of ownership."

The new Flowbox, manufactured by Kendu In-Store Visual Solutions, features an improved design offering retailers new product features and display options, including integrated product displays, interactive customer experiences, multiple display synchronization, and bespoke sizes.

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