Dan Johansen

Dan Johansen

Dan Johansen is the Marketing Manager of Wide Format Solutions in the Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh USA.

Is It Time to Broaden Your Horizons with Wide-Format?

As convergence of wide-format and more traditional sheetfed shops continues apace, the risk of that other “specialty” shop expanding its capabilities and eating into your business can’t be ignored — and besides, wouldn’t it be nice to bring those large wide-format margins in house?

Accessible and Engaging: The Future of ADA Signs

Many types of signs — such as those identifying permanent rooms or spaces, exits and entrances, elevators and restrooms — must adhere to guidelines laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A Broader Portfolio Makes for Broader Revenue Streams

In an always-on, smart-everything world, the race for attention is on every second of every day. Before investing, print buyers want to be confident they’re choosing the right partner to cut through the static.

4 Ways Wide-Format Inkjet Is Evolving

The print industry has been changing in many exciting ways, and wide-format is no exception. Here are four ways wide-format inkjet is evolving, and what they could mean for your shop.