Brendan Menapace

Brendan Menapace

Brendan Menapace is the content director for Promo+Promo Marketing.

A Learning Experience

Whatever products you decide to add to your print business, whether it’s writing instruments, notebooks, flags, tents, apparel, backpacks, or table throws, the key is to work with products that you know are of a high quality and are things that the end-user will ultimately use.

How Digital and Screen Printers Can Be ‘Lean’

The idea of being a lean printer might be a myth. If not a myth, than a misconception. Whether you primarily focus on screen printing or digital printing, the meaning of “lean” in your business relates to resources less than it does about time.

Moving Toward One-Stop Suppliers?

The promotional products industry has been moving toward a one-stop-shop model for years. That’s made it even more important for promo suppliers and decorators to offer a variety of products. Add in ongoing inventory challenges and shipping delays, and the single-source approach has become critical.