Krystal Miszewski

Dan Marx's extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry results from nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders. With a focus on new technologies and their related opportunities, he has been published in industry publications worldwide, presented at industry events across segments, and served as an enthusiastic ambassador for new processes and business opportunities. He is available to write, speak, interview, host, moderate, or represent.

In the most basic sense, the installation of pressure sensitive materials is rarely easy. Sure, anybody can slap a bumper sticker on a car, but applied graphics projects are usually larger and more complex, making seemingly small considerations very large concerns indeed.

Keiichi Hasegawa, C17 Media, and teammate Blake Madsen, Remix Wraps, were first-place winners in last month’s PDAA Pro Team Relay at PRINTING United 2019.

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