Jeremy Conner

Denise Gustavson is the Editorial Director and Special Projects Editor for the Printing & Packaging, and Publishing Group, which includes Printing Impressions, packagePRINTING, In-plant Graphics andWide-Format Impressions magazines, among other brands. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Wide-Format Impressions.

Installers will put their skills to the test in the PDAA Pro Team Relay at PRINTING United booth 7250. The two-day (Oct. 23 and 24) special event will see two-person installer teams competing in a series of testing stations in hopes of ultimately winning $2,000.

As installers put their skills to the test at the PRINTING United PDAA Pro Team Relay, they’ll be under the watchful eye of Jeremy Conner, Who Did That Inc., and Chad Huhman, CNJ Signs and Wraps.

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