November 29, 2022

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Rakuten Offers Customers Some Extra Cha-Ching as it Rings in the Holiday Shopping Season

by Denise M. Gustavson

With consumers still skeptical about Cash Back, Rakuten decided to create a special, immersive “Sleigh Your Shopping” pop-up event, its first in-person holiday shopping event.


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Laser Cutting: Expanding Wide-Format Opportunities

Cutting technologies are essential to wide-format production. Systems that don’t become bottlenecks deliver the strongest success. Learn how laser systems from SEI can cut faster, in more shapes and add embellishments that knife-based cutters can’t. They also offer individualization and speed-to-market, DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

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STEALTH COLOR Solves Digital Textile Printer’s Biggest Challenges.

The first challenge solved is matching inkjet digital spot colors and then repeating them on different print devices. The Next biggest challenge is down time caused by the first challenge. What if you could match digital spot colors in minutes, not hours with color management turned off and without a color management professional on site? How many dollars would go to the bottom line every day? You now can do do it.

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'Now Available! 2022 Wages, Salaries and Benefits Report', Free Printing Impressions Research Report

PRINTING United Alliance has launched the 2022 Wages, Salaries, and Benefits Report which measures the benefits, bonuses, and compensation offered by a wide-range of printing companies across the U.S. and Canada. Gain access to this benchmark study to discover detailed information on industry-wide benefits and compensation averages as well as an actionable plan to help employers, like yourself, stay successful in today’s tight labor market. PRINTING United Members can access the study at a discounted rate.


Top News


Houston Metro Manager on Buying Spree at PRINTING United Expo

by Bob Neubauer

“Larger. More equipment. More people.” That was how Louis Ferrell, manager of the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority’s in-plant, described PRINTING United Expo to IPI Editor Bob Neubauer when they talked at the show. He was there to find replacements for three wide-format roll printers and a flatbed. But he also made a few unexpected discoveries on the show floor. 


Roland DGA Introduces New Holographic Prism Film

Roland DGA has announced the addition of a Holographic Prism Film (ESM-HOLO) to its existing family of premium media offerings.


Where Wide-format Fits Into the Hotel Design Trends Spotted at BDNY

by Kristen Dettoni

This November, interior designers, hoteliers, and manufacturers gathered at BDNY, a two-day show at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. BDNY describes itself as “Creativity, Curated. BDNY connects boutique hospitality brands and designers with exceptional vendors, insider experiences, and hospitality products not found anywhere else.”


NUtec Digital Ink Expands Range of NVC-free Inks

NUtec Digital Ink now produces an expanded range of NVC-free UV-curable inks optimized for LED lamp curing on both rigid and roll-to-roll media.


Inspire Your Team to Be Their Best

by Mike Philie

Some days it’s hard to inspire ourselves, let alone anyone else. But when you sit in that corner office, your role is to make sure you have the right folks in the right seats and that they are prepared to be as successful as they can today, and every day.


EasyCut Studio Adds Support for Mimaki Cutting Plotters

EasyCut Studio announced that its vinyl cutting software has been fully tested and can be used with Mimaki vinyl cutters, including the newly released CG-AR series and the CG-SRIII series.


In Case You Missed It


The Opportunity of Applications, Part 2

by Dan Marx

The scenarios presented here can be seen as examples of realities in certain spaces of the industry, they can also be viewed as metaphors your business can use, regardless of the processes you use or the application areas you serve.