Ashley Roberts is the Managing Editor of the Printing & Packaging Group.

Dan Marx, Senior Editor of the Impressions Group, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders.

Not far from my home, behind a 7-11, an Amazon package pickup locker has been in place for the last couple of years. Though I’ve noticed it before – branded in an orangey-yellow with an Amazon logo – I’ve not paid it much mind. Until the other day.

As travel and tourism experiences a boom, OOH campaigns play a vital role in enticing consumers to explore and engage with destinations. With creative approaches and emphasis on visual engagement, the industry is adapting to cater to hyper-local markets and leveraging the potential of digital OOH.

The promotional products industry has been moving toward a one-stop-shop model for years. That’s made it even more important for promo suppliers and decorators to offer a variety of products. Add in ongoing inventory challenges and shipping delays, and the single-source approach has become critical.

It’s easy to get stuck in the signage rut when printing wide-format graphics, but there are some print service providers out there doing some truly eye-catching and unusual things with the same equipment you can see on the show floor today.

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