Industry Sector Reports

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

Denise Gustavson is the Editorial Director and Special Projects Editor for the Printing & Packaging Group, which includes Printing Impressions, packagePRINTING, In-plant Graphics and Wide-Format Impressions magazines, among other brands. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Wide-Format Impressions.

Sign and display graphic buyers and providers participating in a NAPCO Research survey reported solid growth across all applications this year. Both groups reported current spending is growing or holding steady across nearly all graphic applications, and decreases are limited in scope.

As a segment of the printing industry, functional/industrial printing is vast in scope and volume, but remains largely hidden from view. This reality comes from the fact that many serving this segment use printing as a single step within a broader manufacturing process, but do not generally classify themselves as printers.

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there and still many questions. What does the economy look like through 2020 and beyond? Will the industry rebound quickly or slowly? What businesses will rebound quicker than others? Where do we go from here? What does the next normal look like?

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