Possibility Beyond the Core

For many companies, PRINTING United represents a step outside of the status quo — a journey into the near unknown. And that’s a good thing. Stepping out of the comfort zone is good for your personal development and your business.

From a Seed, a Mighty Tree

I’ve seen profound change within the industry, and within the core printing segments SGIA has long represented. As with all new technologies, some saw the possibility inherent in their use, while others viewed them as a threat to the status-quo. Over the years since, “the shock of the new,” has become “the new normal.”

Convergence and the Movement of Technology

PRINTING United has much to offer for any company operating within the wide spectrum we refer to as “printing,” including those companies serving the apparel decoration and functional segments. They are here to learn where technology is going, and to gain a view of how their businesses will change in the years ahead.